How Francis rules my life

I just went to make a cup of coffee – instant coffee, I’m not a snob I can drink it fine – but I went for the coffee pods.

I should point out here that our espresso machine is completely boss. Check it out. Click on “light blue” to see the exact colour we have. I use it whenever possible, it makes gorgeous frothed milk and the coffee is, naturally, fab. But to open a tin of coffee pods when you’re boiling a kettle? Maybe that’s when you’ve gone too far down a certain road. Perhaps I should step back, because it’s not going to be there all the time. What if I’m on holiday? I don’t want to be one of those people who says “Oh, daahhhhlink, I can’t possibly drink instant coffee! You must bring me espresso or I shall diiiie“. Because punching yourself in the throat hurts.

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