It’s raining in London right now.

I don’t know how many of you have been following the wacky japes of Mr Jack Thompson, Attorney at Law. There are so many funderful links I don’t know where to start. Well, hell, let’s start with his own stuff, the hilariously poor* site (which a quick whois tells me is AVAILABLE TO BUY, so kick that damn squatter out!). And the best links are probably at the bottom of the Wikipedia page, which I don’t have to link for you, I’m sure. Currently fighting with Penny Arcade (who are all over the high ground, he’s Anakin – they are Obi-Wan), he’s also had run-ins with Scott of VG Cats and pretty much anyone who may have once designed, funded, played or even heard of a videogame.

I mean, Sims 2. Fer fuck’s sake. If there’s a more conservative, family-oriented videogame in the world, I’d like to see it. Yes, they’re naked under the blur. So am I. And they have the sex. Again, I think a lot of people do that one, too. But not in so wholesome a manner as the Sims. There’s some grinning, a moving blanket and some cuddling. Shocking, I’m sure you’ll agree. And as for it being Advance Paedo Simulator – what shite. It’s not like you can fuck the kids. You can give them a hearty breakfast and send them off to school, hoping they’ll come back with an A+ grade, though. It’s a nightmare scenario, I’m sure you’ll agree, and one which we need to stop children imitating! Oh, man, I got a bit mixed up with my rhetoric there. Still, eh, so does Jack, so do we all.

Still, credit where due. The batshit crazy bastard sure is entertaining.

* The Google result alone tells you how much effort was put into it, it’s symptomatic of his slapdash approach.

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