Half my blog entries are apologies for no blog entries


I’m writing like a capering fool at the moment! And reading. I’m reading Bond books! James Bond books. They’re pretty aces, and have great covers, too.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy them, but, well, I was wrong. They’re tough, sparse little thrillers. I’d love to see them made as movies, and that isn’t a jokey sentence. I really would like to see them made as they are, hard-boiled and vicious. Bond gets the shit kicked out of him quite regularly. No gadgets. The girls are characters in their own right (and, though he is obviously an arse, he does seem to care for them, in a gruff sort of way). They’d be lovely little films. But no. Big old effects-heavy wink-at-the-camera juggernauts thunder through our cinemas at regular intervals.

Wonder when that happened?

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