Happy christmas

Or is it merry christmas? I suppose it must be, because happy christmas and a happy new year sounds daft.

Well, we have trimmed the tree (it was looking overgrown) and wrapped presents and we have a stock of foods to feed us over the long, cold night when the shops aren’t open. Anyway, if it all goes horribly wrong you can usually get a Chinese takeaway. That’s what’s great about a multicultural society – there’s always someone working. Working to feed you!

There are a few festive photos on my flickr profile, which should make you feel jolly. Or possibly merry. No, don’t feel merry. That way badness lies.

Anyway. Run along now, go and open presents or something. If you’re in Sweden or one of those crazy countries that open their pressies on christmas eve. If you’re elsewhere, go to bed! Then open presents. Or, more likely, hello! Happy New Year!

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