The birthday address 2006.

Good evening to you on this, the occasion of my 29th birthday. It is also the day that the biggest freakshow in town rumbles back to life – yes, Celebrity Big Brother is back and if it’s as entertaining as its line-up promises (Barrymore! Rodman! Burns! Galloway!) I may actually watch some of it this year. You know I’m not a BB snob, but Celeb shows bore me so much. I care less about them than nobodies! For.. some reason.

Anyway, it’s late. I meant to do this earlier, but there you go. I’m very disappointed in y’all not getting me anything. I have had a small bottle of wine from a work colleague. Oh, and from Flppy a Creative Zen Nano in bubblegum pink. Ha! Weren’t expecting that, were you? Anyway, I gave her the same for her birthday but in black, so we swapped as She Is A Girl.

I spent last night (I unwrapped it at midnight LIKE A CHILD) loading tracks onto it. But, I mean, all the good stuff from the new Girls Aloud album and what more does a person need? I ended up desperately hunting through mp3s. “Oh, just bung a load of Nirvana on and go to bed!”

Incidentally, if you don’t own Chemistry yet, you should. Go!

2 thoughts on “The birthday address 2006.”

  1. It’ll happen to you too, one day. You just watch. Besides, I’m still very much in the flower of my youth. Oh, wait, excuse me, I have to go and chase some kids off my lawn.

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