I am out of touch

Not with you, although I am.  Hello, you.  How are you?

Bulletin from da kids:  Fat ties are in.  This seems at odds with the current vogue for all things 80s, but you can’t argue with the way people knot their school ties.  There never was a time when fat ties were cool for us at school.  I feel old and weird just knowing this.

Talking of feeling old, what’s MySpace all about?  Isn’t it just a load of old shit?  I mean, why does everyone have a MySpace page?  Shameless self-promotion?  I genuinely don’t get it.  I mean, I don’t like LJ but at least I understand it.  MySpace seems to be filling a nonexistent void in the market.  Nonexistent void – wow.  There’s a conceptual mindwarp for you.

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