Ron Howard is GINGER and BALD.

We have a new bed.  If HTML worked in these emaily posts, I’d put in a link, but suffice to say that it comes from the easily-Googled Warren Evans and it rocks.  Between the new feather-and-down duvet and the feather-and-down mattress topper, one feels at night as if one is encased in a beautiful, soft coccoon.  Lovely.  Last night, we – in a completely innocent way – went to bed at 9pm, just to enjoy the feeling of being in bed.  Brand new linen, ironed (god, I’m not doing that every time.  I had the day off to let the guys in to build the bed, turns out I *actually* needed it to iron the linen), no more futon mattress…  Just so good.

Okay, well, get on with your day, good people.

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