snap decisions, the perils thereof

So the Killers song turned out to be quite fun in the end. And now I have an even more humbling retraction to make. After repeated exposure, the new My Chemical Romance song turns out to be a big ball of emo bombast which is actually somewhat irresistible. I know, I know, sign me up for a MySpace page and photograph me looking up at the camera. But I can’t resist epic pop, I really can’t. This is why I own a Muse album and consider the last minute of System of a Down’s Chop Suey to be utter genius. It’s all very embarrassing. I have no doubt that Flapjack will taunt me mercilessly upon reading this, but there you go. Sometimes you have to go with your gut.

Now I’m off to write in my LiveJournal about how the only thing that really scares me is myself.

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3 thoughts on “snap decisions, the perils thereof”

  1. Fallout Boy I can avoid with ease, but for some reason this MCR thing is rather fun. However, generally speaking let it be known that any band whose titles exceed – as a matter of course – more than about five or six words are not welcome chez Moth.

  2. I don’t like it. (The Chemical Romance single, that is). It reminds me of Rolf Harris’ two little boys and that’s disturbing.

    I’d been trying to avoid Fallout Boy but seem to have been infected anyway, though.

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