"Second" is probably pushing it.

"Second" is probably pushing it.

So I’m getting into Second Life.  I confess I was deeply sceptical to begin with.  I said, quite clearly, that I had absolutely no interest in it at all.

But it was downloaded onto the computer, anyway.  And then I heard the laughter coming from the living room and was forced out of my grump to find out what all the fuss was.  Turns out, Flapjack had materialised her avatar naked.  And her naked avatar was not having the best time on Tutorial Island, or whatever it’s called.  Much hilarity followed, and I ended up with my own account.

Which has been fun, and if this wasn’t already a huge post I’d talk about miniature trains and magic carpets, pirate women and cups of tea.  But maybe later.  I vowed not to spend any real money to acquire the fake currency of Linden dollars – though just how fake a currency with an exchange rate and an apparent actual real world value actually is is clearly debateable – and indeed with my Desdemona I have yet to spend a single penny.  I have earned L$60, which may sound a reasonable sum, but when you realise that the exchange rate makes L$ look like lira it’s pretty paltry.  Still, as a woman it’s not that hard to pick up decent free stuff and generally wander about quite happily without expenditure.  Without, importantly, resorting to the sex trade.  Although if I did want to resort to that, jesus there’s no shortage of opportunity.

Then I felt the need to indulge my masculine side.  So I created another free account – WHICH I KNOW YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO – with a man.  Different story.  Different sort of game, you’ll not be surprised to hear.  This one needs money.  You can’t rely on freebies for men.  You can’t make your own clothes as easily, and male skins?  Forget it.  Still, spending ¬£5 gave me over L$2000, so it’s not like I went crazy.  And it was fun having money.  The feeling of freedom when in a shop – previously an intimidating experience, one where I could only look and wonder – was rather glorious.  Nice hat.  I’ll take it.  Maybe I’ll wear it.  Nice suit – and gosh, it is a nice suit – I’ll have that too.  He looks rather smart now, and actually like a man.  This is a big change from playing The Sims, where the men are simply broader-shouldered females.

I’ve much more to say, but I think I need bite-sized chunks.  I’ll talk about sex, and people, and more, probably, about money some other time.  They’re all interesting subjects.  And design, and freedom, and dreams.

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