So I lied

Sue me.

I’ve been busy. Since I posted it’s been all about the life-events. We’re actually definitely getting married – we have the little thing that says we have booked the register office, our names have been up on the notice board (anyone who wanted to object – tough titties! Time’s up! You’ll have to dramatically interrupt the ceremony now*!). It’s very, very exciting.

I’ve been promoted! W00t! Go me. I’m no longer a filing clerk, I’m now an administrator! Yes, I wear glasses and look stern. I also act efficient, and send snippy emails. This is the first promotion I have ever received. I deserved it, too. Anyway, this does mean I’m faaar to busy to post on my blog. Okay, not true. Faaar too lazy to do it.

I have, on the back of this, got a new phone. Gaze upon it and feel the wonder. Feel it! Yeah? Yeah! You’re feeling it. Anyway, it’s got zzzzippy internet, so who knows what’ll happen with Blogger? Same as usual, of course, but maybe some random posts here and there to keep the flame alive.

*Please don’t interrupt the ceremony.

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