I get an annual travelcard loan from work.  It’s great, because it works out cheaper than buying a monthly one and I also get a gold travelcard which makes me a SUPER SPECIAL passenger and I get GOLD STANDARD treatment from the travel people.  Actually, it’s just a record card.  My travelcard is an Oyster, and I love it.

Anyway.  Last year, the fool who gave me my travelcard managed to print the record card, my lovely gold record card, upside-down.  Upside down!  I had to live with that for a whole year!  Any time someone wanted to check my ticket, it was a bit embarrassing.  I was looking forward to the new card because – yes! finally! – I would have a proper-way-up record card.  I took my travel warrant along to Liverpool Street and eagerly awaited my new, sensible, neat record card.

Yeah, they printed this one upside-down, too.

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