Rain, unexpectedly

Rain, unexpectedly

Well, who would have guessed that July would be rainy?  I thought we’d got that out of our system – where’s your global warming now, Al Gore?  I joke, of course, but seriously.  I’d like to not carry my umbrella round all the time in the middle of summer.  Not true, either: I love my umbrella.

Apparently this post is just a tissue of lies, much as the last one was.  I ought to break this habit.  truths:  I love my wife.  Timothy Spall is not the new Doctor.  My job is ever so slightly too dull.  The Asus eeepc is the coolest computer in the world.  I have a yucca plant on my desk which I have named "Jeremy". 

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  1. Wife? I thought it was ‘fiancée’. When was the happy occasion?

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