Not this week

Not this week

I keep thinking "What’s the harm if I take a week off blogging?"  Well, nothing in the real world.  But I quite like doing this, it gives me something to try to think about, and I know if I let myself off one time… well, slippery slope to abandonment.

This email, writing it out, almost feels like work.  Yes, I blog by email.  That’s why I never format it, or put links in.  A picture, like the one a few weeks ago, is EFFORT and TIME.

This is my life: I lost my umbrella.  The next day it pisses with rain.

That makes me sound a bit pessimistic.  I’m not, actually.  I’m rather an optimist, and I just keep looking around on my bus into work, hoping that this will be the one that I left it on and it’ll still be there, wedged down the side of a seat.  Not seen it yet, but here’s hoping!

I’d like to mention that the exact circumstance which I anticipated when I said I wouldn’t comment on Big Brother when it was fresh has come to pass.  I reckon my early post would have said that Rex was great and I liked him.  Hooboy, imagine that!  I wouldn’t have used the words "Pointy-headed bellend" at any point!  Madness and folly.

Here endeth the lesson.

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