Maybe I’ll take the window seat for the afternoon.  It’s sitting next to me, all available and that.  I can cast my gaze down upon the passers-by and rue being in a stuffy old office.

Maybe that’s worse, now I think about it.  At least here i don’t have to look at the outsiders, swanning about in their coats (and where’s my coat?  Not been despatched yet!  it will be *spring* by the time I receive my bought-for-winter coat) and looking like they’re enjoying the brittle February sun.

3 thoughts on “Friday!”

  1. I’ve been sketching out a few ideas for redesigns, but haven’t had a chunk of time to actually sit down and do anything with them yet. I’m also planning on using that wordpress thing, maybe. So! Changes are planned and a big refresh is coming. But don’t hold me to any particular deadline!

  2. Ha! If I can encourage you to bring wetflame back from the dead, then my time here is not wasted!

  3. I am ashamed that you continue to blog on your little subdomain of my site while I have let the cobwebs grow and grow. I will bring my site back from the dead! I promise you this!

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