Tetsuo! Calendaar!

Heh.  Sorry.  Joke for nobody.  Anyway, I told you I’d bring you updates on the calendar mottos as the year progressed.  Today says "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."  Now, this fails on two counts for me.  1) Education is, until university, free.  Well, unless you look at taxes and stuff, but that’s so sublimated into day to day expenditure that, for all intents and puposes, education is free.  As it should be, of course, like healthcare and porn.  2) Ignorance is also free.  I can get ignorance at no cost whatsoever from pretty much any resource.  The interspazz, the office I work in, the streets I walk down.  It’s all there for the taking.  I think the motto may be attempting to imply that it has some sort of knock-on detrimental effect, but can I measure that in pounds, shillings and pence?  Or groats?

I cannot.

Stupid calendar.  Just tell me what day it is!

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