sunny side up

sunny side up

It feels like a long time since I updated!  Ages.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.

How was Easter for you?  I think for the first time maybe ever I didn’t have a chocolate egg, or indeed any chocolate at all.  This did not give me too much pain, in the final analysis.  Perhaps the eggs stuff really is for kids?  We’ll see – it’s not like I didn’t have pancakes on Pancake Day*.  Still, it was a nice long weekend with the odd spot of painting in our spare room and a bit of the old ultraviolence in GTA IV.

Imagine if you lived in Liberty City!  No shops are ever open, the threat from terrorism means you can barely get from one island to the next and every few minutes your car is stolen.  Especially if it’s a fancy car.  You’re probably safe in a people-carrier, although not from me, because I love the way those suckers handle.  Much better than some flighty sports car (although I spent a good 10 minutes trying to total a Turismo – man, that thing was immortal).  if this doesn’t happen, you’re still not safe.  Someone will ram you, or knock the cup out of your hand, or even just throw a petrol bomb at you by mistake.

I’d move if I were you.  I hear San Andreas is nice.

*Actually, I didn’t, I had them about a month later.  But still.  My motto is "fuck lent" so I can have pancakes whenever I want.  The great benefits of atheism are plain to me. Pancakes whenever, chocolate eggs where available. Sundays free.

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