New week

New week

Hey hey!  It’s Monday!  How are you feeling?  Is this too obnoxiously boisterous for you?

It is raining, and do I have an umbrella?  Well, I do now, although it is actually a ladies’ umbrella with a pink lining.  But why must we submit to the tyranny of pink, eh?  I have an umbrella, it has a deep pink lining, I am still a man.  Just a man, with a man’s courage.  Like Flash Gordon.  Flash Gordon’s get-up is significantly more wussy than mine and you wouldn’t go calling him a big girl, would you?  No.

My real problem today is that the one interval of sunshine and blue skies amidst the rain and wind was when I was deciding on "Coat or not?".  And so I decided "Not".

I’m cold.

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