May Day

It’s May Day! Woo hoo! As someone just asked me – what is May Day, and why is it an international bank holiday? I have no fucking clue. It’s something to do with fertility and it’s old as the hills, respecitvely, are my guesses. I shall investigate and report back.

But fuck ignorance, I was on my lunch break and I wandered past a band of people marching to celebrate it. Go and look.

It was quite amazing, and bizarre. A beautiful spring day, sunshine and a cooling breeze between the red-brick housing developments and low-rise office blocks. There was folk music, of a morris-dancing bent, completely out of place and deliciously so. A man dressed as a druid, another done up as a chimney sweep, a Green Man and others I was too busy photographing to take in. Oh, and a man dressed as a tree. Yes, a tree. Like, 10-foot tall, green leaves, berries… A tree. Now do you want to go and look at that picture? Thought so.

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