I meant to say on Friday night – they didn’t fuck Torchwood up.  I felt very much like someone had kicked a hole in my chest by the end of it.  In a good way.  I had my baby daughter clutched in my arms for most of it, thinking "You wouldn’t fucking dare touch her you alien paedogrant junkie fucks!".  Yes, it was a direct rip-off of Quatermass and there are plot-holes you could drive a JCB carrying a room-sized block of concrete through but sod it.  I bloody loved it, pretty much every second of it.  Go Torchwood, and I hope the writers have some idea where to go with season four, ’cause that’s a hell of a corner to write out of.  Also, pls to not be killing any more of the core cast, ok, thx.

Oh, and I was thinking this morning – anyone with editing software *needs* to put together a clip with the 5,6,7,8’s "Woo hoo" coming out of the speakers during the talks with Frobisher.  It would be funny!  Honest!  I can see it in my head.

In other news – who knew a draw could be exciting?  But there you go, first Test of the Ashes and it ended with our two worst batsmen clinging heroically to the stumps by their fingernails.  And they managed it!  Panesar even hit a boundary, the cocky bugger.  Well done for not losing, chaps, but England’s top batsmen need to have words with themselves.

Yeah, I’m talking about cricket.

2 thoughts on “Phew.”

  1. More of the core cast? They haven't exactly left much to kill!

  2. ha! excellent – I concur with everything you have said sir.

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