Sorry about this

Sorry about this

Why does no-one respect the difference between cappuccino and latte these days?  Did they ever?  You ask for a cappuccino in pretty much any chain coffee shop and you’ll get a slightly fluffy latte.  Which is, you know, pointless. Why have the two items on the board?

Anyway, phwoo, eh, Torchwood?  Bit good, innit?  Actual event telly, for once.  I mean, the BBC3 series I loved despite its shitness.  It seemed very game and eager to please so I went with it (re-watching recently, though, I was struck by how much better it was than I remembered it).  Then the second, BBC2, series was properly good, no allowances needed (although the Big Bad was howlingly poor, the moving Owen/Tosh finale made up for it and washed the bad taste away).  But this!  This has stepped up to the challenge of clearing an hour of primetime BBC1 on five consecutive nights with confidence and style.  I am loving, loving, loving it.

Slight worry – RTD is shite at endings.  It could all go very very wrong tonight.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. I was quite disappointed with last night, plot 'twist' aside, standing and shouting loudly aren't really recognised international diplomacy tactics!

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