wanna be ending something

wanna be ending something

It’s been a week since one of the most famous men on the planet dropped dead and have I blogged?  No.  I have other things to do, you know.

Not really.  I forgot.  Hello!  Do you want me to talk about my baby again?  Oh, i do that all the time.  What about other things in the world?  I mean… oh, but she’s so cute, though.  So cute.  She’s starting to learn how to smile.  Her face is looking more cheerful, which is just the loveliest thing.  The day she smiles at one of us because she’s happy to see us will be wonderful.

I got the first batch of photos from my SLR put on CD so I’ll upload those soon.  Yayness.  Some of them are just too good.  Some.. will not be on flickr.  Sorry, but I only want the best to go on public display*.  You don’t want half-arsed, do you?

In other news – Torchwood radio plays: surprisingly good.  Michael Jackson: still dead, am unable to maintain interest in story.  Weather: Unbearably muggy. 

*Like Michael Jackson’s corpse, or not, I forget where that story has gone.

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  1. yay! 🙂 I was just thinking i wanted another update! hello indeed…

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