two slash seven

two slash seven

Next Tuesday (the first of September) marks our seventh anniversary, or, to put it another way, our second wedding anniversary.  Also on the 31st of August our beautiful daughter is 3 months old.

Yup, Id say things are going well.  I actually couldnt be happier*.  I can point to two memories which have that golden glow about them in my head from just the two years since the morning of our wedding 1) walking to the reception, laughing and joking with my family and friends and 2) being handed a towel-wrapped, bright red baby who promptly pooed all over the floor.

Matrimony, fatherhood states I can recommend.  If youre unable to be a father, motherhood is no doubt good too.  Im not pressing these choices onto you, of course.  Im not one of those people**.  I dont think everyone should do it just because I think its great.  But if youre considering it, and youre not sure, I can chime in here and say do what feels right.  When theyre the one, youll know.  The one you want to be with, the one you want kids with.

Youll know.  I knew.

*Well I could have Sky plus, I guess.  And a bit of sleep. Ooh, and a pony!

**I am a bit.

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