The Chamber

More quickfic. This is a very silly prompt.

“Look, I’m not saying it was the best decision – only history can judge that. But it was the decision I was determined to make, and I believe it was the right decision, the decision that I was given a mandate to push through. Will we regret it? Perhaps. Perhaps. But listen, Marjorie, you have to understand that it was the will of my people. I listened to them, just as you are listening to me now – attentively, and with… are you paying attention? Please attend. This is important. We, the people, well, aha, the turkeys, have spoken, through me. I have interpreted their will, I believe, correctly. Do you understand me? They have elected me as representative and it is my solemn duty to enact their wishes. Please don’t interrupt. Please don’t fall ASLEEP how rude.

“Now, meantime, we shall express our, ahh, darker purpose. The vote has passed. By, I consider, a massive majority. The holiday will go ahead as planned, and we the turkeys shall be involved quite centrally. Your attempts to remove us from this process – not yours personally, Marjorie, I realise you are just doing your job – will not succeed. We have an interest that cannot be denied, and to cut us out would be to doom many of us to idleness and waste. For and on behalf of those who would end up in such a way I have made this decision, I have voted FOR Christmas, we SHALL not end up sidelined!”

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