Winding Widdershins

First poetry in over a year. For the weekly Whimword challenge…

Wind me widdershins
My dear
Let me see it all again

You have taken my hand
As far as we can go

Now spin me back
A clock
Unwinding like hair
Time tumbling
Down my back

Spin me widdershins
My love
Through every moment passed
Eyes like wet glass
Teeth chips of bright ice

As all our time collides
And I see you
As I always see you
Beautiful and cold
Warmed through to melting
Hands fire
Reaching to each other
Against the sinewed pull
Of time’s gravity

Spin me widdershins
My boy
Until we meet again.

Expand our first
As the opening of eyes

Spin me round
A clock spring-coiling
Tight against me

Fire-kindling hands
Curl about my waist.

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