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I am still here. Although apparently I have some random crazy Twitter accounts which turn up in the feed over there ->

I will update properly soon, I promise. DON’T LEAVE ME!

God, my post about the start of Big Brother is at the bottom of the page still. That was months ago! Eep.

I have lots to say, actually. THE ZOO! We went to the zoo. My daughter loves lions. Rarr! ZOOOO!

Consider this a holding page. Rarr.

Oh, you pointless fucks

Comment spam has gone mental.  I just deleted 155 comments, and that was from two days.   What’s the point?  I have a readership in single figures!  I probably don’t even have that, considering the paucity of updates these days.  Who is your market?  Plus, I’ve gone moderation-mad, so your comment will never ever appear on the site!  Why are you doing this?  I guess I’ll have to stop comments entirely if this carries on.  Not that any real people comment any more (because of no readers, as mentioned), so what the hell?  I guess I am only doing this for my own amusement.

Like everything.

There are other ways to contact me, I suppose.  Email, Twitter, tracking me down to my place of work.  The usual things people do when they want a word.

New start

Welcome to the blog; it’s like it used to be, only different.  I’m still working on it, so updates will be sporadic until I, for example, work out how to post via email.  Bear with me.  I do intend to update LOADS, update like crazy.

Maybe not that crazy.  But there should be my two Twitter feeds coming at you and maybe Flickr if I can get it going.  Should be fun.  We’ll see.